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A Guy's Blog
Monday, 7 November 2005
We need to Lease!
The weekend was pretty boring. I saw "Shop girl" Steve Martin's new film, which was quite good. Whoever thought the guy that 20 years ago was best known for having an arrow through his head was capable of such subtle fiction.

Anyway Monday came around and it was back to the grind for six more days. Our manager had her weekly conference call with our portfolio director, which is a fancy title for regional manager. He was unhappy because our occupancy has been declining for the past couple of months. So our manager called us all together and for a quick high energy sales meeting. She said that our regional manager guy wanted us to start closing on 40% of our traffic (we closed last month on about 20%). Then my manager, who I guess I will dub Sorority-Girl-Fat-Ass, because she use to be a sorority girl and my god does she have a fat ass, looked at us excitedly. I mean that was it, no specials, no nothing, she's just looking at us like the brain dead corporate clone that she is, and expects us to close more. Oh, I'm sorry she did have some useful tidbits we could take from her, like "sell on value" and "make sure you follow up with all of your prospects". Then, she was like "well, I want you guys to be really excited about this." All I can do is sit and stare glassy eyed at the wall. I wonder sometimes how it is that the dumbest people get promoted to managerial positions. Is this some conspiracy to overthrow our great nation by promoting the dullest and least qualified? Anyway that adjourned our meeting and Sorority-Girl-Fat-Ass went back to planning our next little brats movie night.

Posted by fourwalker at 9:23 PM EST
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Friday, 4 November 2005
How not to recycle your junk mail
A bit tired today because it was kids movie night and I didn't get out of work until 10:00pm. As I've said before we have some weird tenants. Today we had one guy hand in his rent in a playboy evelope. I think its funny that somebody is going to use their junk mail as a delivery means for their rent, but come on man, you must be getting ten million credit card offers like me every month; you have more to choose from. Blondie and her best buddy, our customer service manager, who I'll christen Jersey Girl, had a real hoot over that.

Like I said, today was kids movie night. Man its surprising how often the little brats needed to go to the bathroom. I guess their bladders just haven't gotten big enough yet. Also too they insisted on grinding the popcorn and pretzels we were nice enough to offer in to the carpet. Needless to say this made for a long clean up. I don't know why we do this crap, management thinks it helps with our renewal rate, but I don't think anybody really gives a hoot.

Oh well, thank goodness I don't have to work this weekend ;)

Posted by fourwalker at 10:52 PM EST
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Thursday, 3 November 2005
Steakhouse and a Movie
Now Playing: Steakhouse and a movie
Today was a pretty lame ass day. Nothing much happened, mind you I'm not complaining, because a leasing office can get pretty hectic. Anyway, myself and the girls I work with went to our local steakhouse because we had gotten more residents than any of our sister properties to sign up for our online rental payment service (Yipee!). Man, what a waste of two hours! Listening to these moronic chicks chatter on endlessly was worse than having to work..... This one idiot I work with, Blondie I'll call her, kept on chattering on about how residents kept on sexually harassing her by asking her on dates etc.... Now blondie spends most of her time in the office making goo goo eyes at every man who comes in to the office... women you just can't figure them out. Well actually you can... blondie needs a lot of attention, and when she gets it all she can do is bitch about it so she does not know what a pathetic needy person she is inside.... anyway after we got back I did a couple of tours and then went to a movie.

I saw Saw II. Which, like most horror sequels is not as good as the original, but like all good horror movies gives us important lessons we should take with us so if we ever find ourselves locked in a dungeon with a group of excon flee bate we'll know what its all about.

Rule #1 - If you're a hot chick your chances of dying first are pretty small. In Saw II the first two people who die are sleazy guys, the chicks are too valuable as eye kindy (although they could have fluffed them up more in this movie)

Rule #2 - The evil guy who set you up has some higher grander motivation. Why is it in horror movies the bad guy always has to pretend that he is passing on some great gift to humanity? In Saw II the guy wants people to realize the importance of life (through being close to death). I appreciate if this is an attempt to give there movie some greater depth, but come on, go all the way, unveil finally that the reason the evil dude is doing this is because he is angry at the world because he is dying of cancer.

Rule #3 - Never trust a video feed in a horror movie. In Saw II, like many a horror/suspense the movie, the video feed turns out to be leading to a tape. Never, ever, trust electronics set up by the bad guy.

Of course the movie had other cliches, like the cop with inner demons crap, the angry for no reason teenage son, and oh yeah, a surprise twist at the end.... but hey, that should come as no surprise

Oh well, time for bed..... talk to you later

Posted by fourwalker at 11:12 PM EST
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Wednesday, 2 November 2005
Now Playing: Hi
Hi, welcome to my blog. I've never blogged before and the cnances of anyone ever reading this thing are about one in a million, but there is something cathartic about sharing your thoughts with the entire world (even if they don't care). I'm a leasing consultant in central New Jersey, which basically means that I try to sucker people in to living in our community and listening and pretending to care when our residents come in to bitch about their blinds being off center. I graduated from college in 2001 and have since floated through many a crappy temp and sales job.

I had this one funny thing happen to me the other day. We have a few crazy residents in our community. There's this lady, I'll call her cat lady (we'll get in to the reasons for that later), who wanders in to the office once a week to complain about "electrical currents" that are running up her legs, and ghosts, which she thinks are moving things in her apartment. Anyway, she came in to ask if she could sing Christmas carols in our lobby during the weekend. I was explaining to her that she could not do this when this guy came in to the lobby. He had something in his hand, I assumed it was his rent check. I figured cat lady would take a while, so I asked him if he wanted to leave his rent with me. He replied that he wasn't a tenant, but that he was a salesman from Raymor and Flannigan (a furniture store), and that he
wanted to drop off some invitations (coupons) for their "special invitation only sale" (which they have every weekend). Anyway, cat lady sees this dude and starts yapping with him, because the stupid sales guy didn't know who he was dealing with he started animatedly telling her about what they were offering. However, cat lady interrupted him and said she really was not interested in furniture, but suggested that she could come to the store to sing Christmas carols and pass out coupons. At first you could tell the sales guy thought she was kind of joking around. But when she started to tell him that she could bring her cats, who she can speak with telepathically, the lights went right out of his eyes. He bid a quick farewell and was out the door. I love crazy people!

That was an easy first blog.... Talk to you later

Posted by fourwalker at 12:01 AM EST
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