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Sci-Fi Tunes

These are a selection of music that is in one way or another related to Science Fiction. If you would like to buy any of these from the good folks at CDNOW, just click on the album cover.

CDnow During William Shatner's reign as the coolest space captain in the world he recorded perhaps one of the worst albums in history. William Shatner's "Transformed Man" takes the already pathetic genre of spoken word albums to an all new low. Then why do I have it on this page? Because it also one of the funniest albums ever made. Shatner is at the same time so bad, and yet so serious, that one can't help but laugh. His version of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" is so bad I'm surprised the Beatles didn't suit him. Personally I think the best title off of the album is "It was a Very Good Year". Somehow this song, through its lyrics and Shatner's bizarre delviery captures everything about Shatner: the guy who considers himself a cool, suave, charming ladies man, but who everyone else can see is a real

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